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Pelletizing for laterite ore fines, manganese fines and chrome ore fines

laterite ore nickel

Steele stiff extruders deliver more economical feedstock, installed as extrusion pelletizing machines to recover dryer and kiln dusts generated in processing nickel laterite ores, manganese ores and chrome ores.

Steele extruded pelletizing machines convert dryer, kiln and furnace dust, recovering 10,000 metric tons of high-value nickel laterite ore annually.

Using Steele stiff extruders for nickel laterite dust pelletizing

J.C. Steele stiff extrusion equipment and material prep machinery is well suited for agglomeration and pelletizing of the following laterite ores:

  • Oxidized nickel
  • Ferronickel waste
  • Fine waste
  • Dust and sludge
  • Mine waste slurries

J.C. Steele stiff extrusion equipment and material prep machinery includes

  • More-effective processing of waste and by-product streams
    • Laterite ore
    • Manganese ores
    • Chrome ores
  • Fewer additives and process steps
  • Pelletizing machines process up to 100 TPH of recycled by-products
  • Agglomeration for extrusion pelletizing


Steele stiff extruders give laterite ore mines and nickel ore processing plants more cost-effective handling of waste and by-product streams.

Our machines offer important advantages over traditional briquetting and pelletizing technologies.

  • Steele extrusion pelletizing machines make a finished product with less binders and additives than roll press briquetting.
  • Single-line stiff extrusion systems produce 10-100 TPH, scaling to support increased demand
  • Steele supports development of engineered pellets, delivering the size, durability and content you need for performance and handling.


More cost-effective pelletizing?

  • Steel stiff extruders extrude under vacuum, increasing pellet density and strength.
  • Our machines are designed for high pressures and torque — applying this energy to material from stranded and by-product streams creates a stronger product with minimal binders and additives.


How do we get started?

We generally require five gallons of material shipped to our Statesville, NC lab and test plant facilities. If we determine that we can make the pellet you need, with a product that meets your performance and handling requirements at the right price point, we can talk with you and your team about commercial feasibility.

To discuss your processing requirements, talk to your regional Steele representative or call us at 1.704.872.3681 (toll-free in the U.S at 1.800.278.3353).