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The J.C. Steele E Series Even Feeders

Designed and engineered to deliver a more consistent, accurate feed
for improved downstream processing

Steele E Series Even Feeders


Multiple materials applications

  • Biosolids
  • Bauxite
  • Clays
  • Coal fines
  • Filter cakes
  • Fly ash
  • Gypsum
  • Iron ore and oxide
  • Laterite
  • Lignite
  • Manganese ore
  • Mine paste
  • Mullite
  • Paper sludge
  • Salts
  • Sand
  • Sawdust
  • Scrap fiber cement board
  • Scrap wallboard
  • Sludges


Steele E Series Even Feeders cross shafts


Steele E Series Even Feeders cross shafts


  • 88E Even Feeder — Four shafts, one drive train, for very dry to wet and sticky, without bridging over.
  • Double 88E Even Feeder — Eight shafts and two independent, separate four-shaft drives, capable of feeding at approximately twice the 88E rate. Large hopper area increases storage and discharge capacity while preventing bridge-over with sticky materials. Multiple drives offer redundancy.
  • Triple 88E Even Feeder — Twelve shafts with three independent, separate four-shaft drives. Larger hopper area for increased storage and discharge capacity. More redundancy than the double.
  • 124E Even Feeder — Four spiral shafts with one drivetrain. 50% longer hopper than the 88E, designed to accommodate bucket loading with front-end loader.
  • Double 124E Even Feeder — Eight shafts, two independent, separate four-shaft drives, plus extra-large hopper for high throughput and no bridge-over.
  • Triple 124E Even Feeder — The largest hopper of our standard feeders.
  • Special even feeders — J.C. Steele engineers can work with you to develop custom configurations on your even feeders, with larger sizes, shaft layouts and hopper areas

The J.C. Steele E Series Even Feeders are simple, durable machines for one application—delivering a consistent, accurate output to downstream machinery.  They process a wide range of materials, from wet sticky clays, sludges and filter cakes to dry, granular and friable materials, without bridging or sticking.

Our even feeders provide dependable size reduction and consistent feeding of lumpy or friable materials, while requiring minimal maintenance and downtime for cleaning.  If box feeders or belt feeders in your operation result in inconsistent production quality for downstream processing or excessive maintenance, you should consider the E Series.  We can combine your choice of constant- or variable speed drives, multiple shaft layouts, spiral configurations and special materials construction to match your specific application.

The durability and reliability you need

Steele Even Feeders are designed and engineered to give you the rugged reliability you need in feeding machinery, in a modular design to fit any application.  They deliver a convenient, even feed with no bridging.  The Even Feeders handle a wide range of raw material, prepared material and scrap feed, with your choice of constant- or variable speed drives, single-, double- or triple-unit configurations, and special materials construction, such as stainless steel spiral feeders, to meet your material processing and output requirements.

We use high-grade structural steel in our primary frame construction and cast wearing parts with our 28PC alloy.  AGMA-class hobbed gears between spiral shafts are rated for 80,000-plus hours at full load.  Built-in overload protection reduces potential damage to spirals, spiral shafts, gears and bearings from tramp iron, hard rocks and other unfeedable materials.

Other options for even more versatility

You can connect Steele Even Feeders to additional downstream processes, improve access to wearing and replacement parts, and add more control.  We also offer a handwheel-operated gate, expanded discharge zone for sticky materials, hanging installations, direct coupled motors and special materials (UHMW liners and other wetted parts in stainless steel, stainless coated or other materials).

For more information on the E Series Even Feeders, and the value they add to your manufacturing process, talk to your regional J.C. Steele & Sons sales representative or call us at 1.704.872.3681 (in the U.S. call toll-free at 800.278.3353).