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Machines for Feeding Difficult Materials —
For paste backfill, synthetic gypsum or drywall recycling


  • Processing for a wide range of materials:
    • Clays
    • Dewatered mine tailings
    • Filter cakes
    • Synthetic gypsum
    • Drywall recycling
  • Eliminates bridging and sticking
  • Consistent, controllable discharge rate
  • Proven platform with modular components


Steele E Series Even Feeders are simple, durable live bottom feeders designed to deliver a consistent, accurate output to downstream machinery.

These machines have been a key part of paste backfill operations for over twenty years. Our work with systems designers and operators has driven multiple design changes, making the E Series ideal for handling dewatered mine tailings in paste backfill applications.

full and notched slip-on spirals

Our unique full and notched slip-on spirals are cast from high-chrome 28PC alloy for durability and easy replacement.

Steele E Series Even Feeders



Steele Even Feeder

We manufacture the E Series in two standard lengths — 88E and 124E. Steele recommends the longer 124E for bucket loading.

Engineering a platform for flexibility and reliability

  • High-grade structural steel frame for more durability
  • V-shaped rubber oil seal and two grease-purged contact lips seals for improved seal integrity
  • Planetary drive instead of parallel shaft gear for increased torque
  • High-strength steel alloy shafts resist flexure
  • AGMA-class hobbed gears rated for 80,000+ hours at full load


These durable, dependable live bottom feeders are easily adapted for specific applications, using standard, in-stock drive and wearing parts in a proven, modular platform:

  • Single, double or triple modules
  • Front, center or rear discharge
  • Constant- or variable-speed drives
  • Full or notched spiral configurations
  • Special materials construction

200% of operating torque at start-up

Paired with a specified Design C motor, E Series Even Feeders deliver 200% of normal operating torque at start-up to handle fluid dewatered mine tailings.

Handling dewatered mine tailings requires high applied starting torque, particularly with a substantial “head” or volume stored above the feeder. E Series machines deliver available starting torque in excess of 100,000 in-lb. (11,300 N-m).

Seal breaches and gearbox contamination

E Series engineering separates the mechanical drive mechanism from the feed hopper, preventing gearbox contamination and making shaft removal fast and easy.

Dewatered mine tailings tend to penetrate seals, which can lead to gearbox contamination and mechanical failure. E Series Even Feeders eliminate continuous auger shafts extending into the timing gearbox, with separate auger and drives shafts connected by a rigid compression coupling and a seal arrangement designed to prevent material penetration.

Additional Steele even feeder options

Other E Series options include:

  • Automatic greasing systems
  • Cross shafts to break friable lumps
  • Hanging or “hopper suspended” installations
  • Direct-coupled motors
  • UHMW liners to prevent sticking to hopper walls
  • Proximity switches to detect stopped shafts
Steele E Series Even Feeders cross shafts

Optional cross shafts improve feed consistency and bin flow, with chopping and shredding to reduce soft or friable materials

Multiple materials applications

  • Biosolids
  • Bauxite
  • Clays
  • Coal fines
  • Contaminated soils
  • Dewatered mine tailings
  • Filter cakes
  • Fly ash
  • Synthetic gypsum
  • Iron ore and oxide
  • Laterite
  • Lignite
  • Manganese ore
  • Mullite
  • Paper sludge
  • Salts
  • Sand
  • Sawdust
  • Scrap fiber cement board
  • Scrap wallboard
  • Sludges

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